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Sony as stupid as ever.

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Why does it seem like every week I’m seeing yet another fuckup from Sony? Oh, because I am.

I’m sure you’ve seen the Kotaku thing by now, but if you haven’t, here’s a recap. Quick version. Kotaku hears a rumor. They pester Sony, Sony says we can’t comment on that, but if you run it, we’ll take our ball and go home. Kotaku calls their bluff. Sony takes their ball and goes home. Kotaku posts the sordid details, including the we-don’t-want-play-with-you-anymore email. News spreads around the intarweb. Sony and Kotaku talk, kiss and make up.

From the makeup post:

He told me his take on the story and his frustrations and I told him mine, in the end we agreed to disagree on some level, but also decided that our readers and gamers in general would be best served if Sony and Kotaku could still play nicely together.

In a nutshell: The story remains up and Sony has re-invited us to the meetings and interviews initially scheduled for the Game Developers Conference.

If I were Kotaku, I’d be high fiving my buddies right now. They pwned one of the largest corporations in the world. Not that Sony really understands the internet or the effect it has these days, but damn me if it isn’t funny. Here’s what really happened with that makeup

Sony had to eat crow, suck it up and go back to Kotaku and say they were sorry. That must have burned… I love it. If anyone needs to take a deep breath and get a grip in the gaming industry, it’s Sony. They do all kinds of stupid shit. And they act like they aren’t. This time? They had to publicly admit they made a mistake and take it back. I can’t help but grin about that.

What Would Matt Do: I think I’ll just sit here and giggle. I mean, I hold no ill will against Sony beyond their apparent stupidity when it comes to PR, but I love to see large corporations have to admit they were wrong. Makes me in my special place.

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March 2nd, 2007 at 10:41 am

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