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I reckon I aim to play some games.

Mr. Angry is right on. Fuck Microsoft.

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I’m actually a big Microsoft fan, mainly because I use their operating system, program in their languages and play games with their Games for Windows logo on them. I even worked there for a bit. But none of that stops me from agreeing with a Mr. Angry on this issue:

The thing that has gotten me pissed off about this all over again is news that Microsoft have decided to fuck over their customers  to an extent that is in no way required by law in an attempt to suck up to big media companies.  Some of the provisions of the DMCA and other laws proposed around the world are outrageous.  But this act of bastardry is not even a requirement, despite the weasel talk coming out of Microsoft.

If you read the story linked, it tells that Microsoft didn’t have to stop Vista from recording shows. There is no law. The law that the cable companies wanted to try to get required by the FCC failed. Why? Because it’s draconian and wrong. The funny part is that the FCC suggested, in the shot down requirement, that people could still record even with the flag, but it should be DRMed so they couldn’t pass it around. What did MIcrosoft do? Just make so you can’t record it all, problem solved!

What a pile of horse shit.


What Would Matt Do: Ugh, Microsoft… I wonder how much NBC paid you to put this feature in…


Written by Matt

June 4th, 2008 at 2:02 pm