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I reckon I aim to play some games.

Demos galore and Bionic Commando: Rearmed

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I moved recently and being severely lazy (I’m so lazy I’m not going to express how lazy I am beyond that), I hadn’t hooked up my 360 to the internets again until last Friday. I ended up with the Force Unleashed demo, the Too Human demo, Madden XX and a few others I can’t really remember (doesn’t bode well for them does it) and Bionic Commando:Rearmed. I did download the demo for BC:R, but after playing for 5 min, I bought the full game. With that in mind, lets start the destruction, er review, process:

Madden XX

I really liked the football test, though it wasn’t learning about football so much as learning about Madden, but it still interesting. The gameplay demo was shite. I couldn’t even play a full quarter, just a simulation of the last few minutes of the Superbowl. Bleh. I have heard good things about Madden this year and I may end up buying it, but the demo didn’t really do much to sway me one way or another.

Status: Deleted, may purchase later.

Force Unleashed

Did anyone else notice that I get force powers, a light saber and directions like "no one is to be left alive!"? That’s pretty much a win for me at that point. That gameplay reminds me a lot of a smoother flowing God of War, but with force powers and light sabers. Thankfully there are less QTEs than GoW and you’re destroying star war guys with awesome options of force lightning, saber or push attacks…OR, combining them into some awesome force of destruction of which the universe hath no name!

To be fair, the powers aren’t combined as well as they could be, the force power bar is a lousy mechanic in terms of inguenity (I’d might have to spend time coming up some options I’d like to see more later) and overall it’s not as smoothly tied together as it could be. Agreed completely. But even with it’s design flaws, it still has light sabers, force powers and fun.

Status: Will Buy and will play demo until I can do so.

Too Human

Hmmm…  I don’t really know here. I wanted to like it more I think. I also played it right after playing Force Unleashed, so it’s kind of unfair in that you can’t jump around crazy like and meld the powers together. I don’t think I’m going to make a call on this one at the moment. As crazy as Dyack is, I still think it’s got something to it. I’m going to give it another chance in a day or three.

Status: Undecided. Will give another chance.

Bionic Commando:Rearmed

I already bought this bad boy and will play it until I can’t stand it anymore…which ought to be a good long time. It has, and I kid you not, the exact feel of the first one, additions that don’t break but enhance the original, coop play (I can’t stress how awesome this is), amazing graphics, great feel and flair and it’s old school hard and unforgiving.

That’s a perfect mixture and the best way to recreate old games. I’m stunned by how well they did. I wish they would update all of the old games I played when I was a kid (starting with Ikari Warriors or River Raid) and make them as awesome as this one is.

My only complaint at this point is that it’s really hard. Really really hard. And that’s not really a complaint so much as a statement of fact. I loved the original, but I forgotten over the years how hard it was. And we still only get three guys per level, but we do get to save inbetween levels, so it’s not so bad when you have to turn your system off (I used to have my nintendo running for days to keep my game saved).

Oh, and if anyone knows a cheat for more guys, that would be great. My brother is a thief and won’t stop stealing my guys. :D

Status: Bought and love it.


What Would Matt Do: Apparently I’ll play a lot of games. It was a good weekend.

Written by Matt

August 25th, 2008 at 11:55 am