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I reckon I aim to play some games.

Warhammer…It might be good.

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This is basically an update on Warhammer as it stands now…and it stands pretty damn good.

Lets not do this the wrong way though. It’s tradition to start with the bullshit then proceed to the goods and who am I to stand in the way of tradition. If I have a solution, or a way I think it might work better, I’ll just throw that in. Oh, and I might mix in some good things in the bad things and the other way around. Because I’m crazy like that.

So, the bullshit. It still takes as long or longer to get into then game than it does to make a sandwich. You have to log in, let it load, let it play fifty movies, select your character, potentially server, and maybe wait in a queue. Nothing new, just standard MMO crap.

Fix: Allow me to click a button next to my character which will put a shortcut on the desktop that goes directly to that character. It would ask me to login, accept the EULA, and that’s it. If I’m in the queue, it brings me directly to it, otherwise, the next time I have to click or do anything, it’s in game. Can someone give me a good reason this isn’t a standard in all MMOs right now?

The graphics are next on the list. Ok, the landscape and buildings and the like, pretty decent. Some of the stuff is actually pretty good looking (like the flaming windmill) and the view distance is great. I get a real feeling of being a huge landscape. That being said, the character model and details are filled with ass. Not horrible, nasty ass, but last generation, not pretty ass. Oh well. I know why they did it (to allow my characters in the same place with your system having a fit) and I approve. It’s a good call and a good compromise in my view. But the characters are still ugly for the most part.

My only other real complaint at this point is still very much an MMO. Yeah, that’s kind of an annoying complaint when playing an MMO, but here’s some things they could have worked on to make it better. First, don’t make run all over fuck to get quests done. Not don’t make run out the middle of no where. That’s a good thing. But then I have to run back to turn it in, then another quest sends me out a similar place and I have to run back again. You spend a lot of time running around in this game if playing PvE. Either design the quests better or give me a better transportation. Back and forth fedex/kill quests shouldn’t be a part of your game, MMO or not. Second, Public Quests. Awesome. Love them. When people are playing them. If you have a PQ that is more than 30 seconds walk from a hub/town, you almost assuredly won’t find it populated. I’ve found five or six public quests in the first Tier area (levels 1-11), but only one or two of them are ever populated for more than brief moments. Now, to be fair, this may change with second Tier areas, since it should be more populated, but we’ll see.

Fix: If you’re going to put in Public Quests all over the map, far away from population hubs, why not add add a one way transportation system to get their, or at the very least, a very easy way to see how many people are doing any quest at the moment? Get people to these quests so more people are doing them.

Really though, just nit picky stuff. Now on to the really good stuff. Class balance and PvP. If you haven’t played Warhammer yet, you don’t know that from either first or third level (depending upon your race and their starting area design…don’t ask me why) you can play in PvP. Depending upon your starting race, once again, you join one of two Battlegrounds and can fight there effectively from the very beginning. It’s a mess of fun. But here’s the trick and the other really great part of Warhammer. You’re going to have to be tactical in combat. If you get swarmed, run. If you see a Witch Hunter coming your way and you’re a cloth type of some sort, you should be really careful and maybe run. If you’re a tank type without a healer, don’t get swarmed, or you’ll get taken down.

See, that’s the absolute best part of WAR, the PvP and the way classes aren’t balanced 1 vs 1, but Order vs. Destruction (side vs. side). It’s great because wizards do massive damage, but fall relatively quick in melee combat if they aren’t well protected and firing from the back. As a matter of fact, if you’re a cloth type, you should be watching the sides and back a lot, because that’s the best way for melee DPS types to get you. Unless you’re a battle/rune priest. Then you can probably stand toe to toe with any one on one for awhile, but you may not out damage them.


To break it all down, WARis a lot of fun in PvP and not too bad in PvE. At least at Tier 1. I’ll get back to you when I’m firmly entrenched in Teir 2 and update again. So far, so good.


What Would Matt Do: I’d not only keep playing Warhammer, I’d talk about those cute little red bubbles on the map for PvE quests. Great idea. It means I don’t have to use another site to figure the quests out. Also I’d mention, healers aren’t boring to play in WAR. That’s pure awesome.


Written by Matt

September 23rd, 2008 at 11:38 am