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Since when do they let 13 year old UO PKers be professors?

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I was going to go into a whole rant a few days back when I first read about "Twixt" and his alter ego. Glad I didn’t since Lum managed to skewer him not once but twice.


In short, the guy PKed everyone using guards in the game to kill them. Which not only killed people, but got people a debt (takes longer to get xp) in a zone where you’re not supposed to get debt. And then? Complained that he wasn’t being treated nicely and blamed everyone else.

That’s both crazy and awesome. Awesome in that I didn’t know they let UO Pkers (the first group to use similar methods of destruction and reasoning as to why) be professors. Apparently universities are getting desperate. And crazy in that this guy is full of insane. He blames "static social laws" that people weren’t happy with him.

Yeah, those damn bastards, not wanting to be randomly killed by exploiting the game. And then the balls on those guys to blame the professor/twixt. He was just playing how the game allowed him, how can they be upset?


I can’t wait to see him try to apply that logic in real life.


What Would Matt Do: Laugh and laugh and laugh at this guy and Lum’s great coverage.

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July 9th, 2009 at 10:27 am

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